Modern Slavery Statement

Our Business

The Littledart Co Ltd is a family-owned business, which has been incorporated since 2008.  The business at present turns over @ £250,000 per annum. It conducts its business through Wholesale, Retail and Ecommerce distribution.

We have two lines of business:

Bravo Delta Models – Model Airplanes, Boats and Cars sold. Hand carved wooden models made in two factories in the Philippines.  This business was purchased in December 2015.  Factories are visited, normally, twice a year.  We have a close relationship to both businesses in the Philippines.

Littledart Models – Lighthouse Models sold with licence agreement from Trinity House and Northern Lighthouse Board.  These were sourced in China.  Imports have not taken place over the last 6-7 years.  Factory was visited annually when orders were placed.  Presently no new stock is sourced.

Our Policy

We condemn any abuse of human rights and fully endorse all measures taken to eradicate modern slavery in supply chains.  With our biannual visits to the Philippines, the factories are visited, working conditions and age of workers checked, as well as their job satisfaction. 

Accordingly, we are committed to working with suppliers who comply with the human rights standards set by the International Labour Office (ILO).  These are the basis of our Code of Practice at Appendix 1.

The ILO is an agency set up by the United Nations and brings together government, employers and workers of 187 member states to set Labour standards, develop policies and devise programmes promoting decen work for all women and men.

What we have done in the last year

In 2019 we continued to monitor human welfare standards in our supply chain using the measures set out in this statement.  In 2020 we have not visited the two factories in the Philippines, but direct contact via the internet has given us compliance assurances.

Measuring the ILO Standard

For The Littledart Co Ltd, the ILO standards are paramount.  Any serious breach of the standards would likely lead to termination of the business relationship between us and our suppliers.

Minor incidents will be considered in their context and proportionate action will be taken.  We may decide to engage the relevant supplier or factory in corrective action and will support the supplier or factory in improving their standards.  The suppliers standards will be closely measured and any minor incidents must be rectified within a specific timeframe.  By setting targets, we measure the effectiveness of our enforcement methods and ensure the ILO standards are maintained.

If the supplier does not adequately address any non-compliance points despite being required to do so by Barbour, then this will likely result in a discontinuation of our relationship.

Inspecting Factories

We personally visit each factory before manufacturing takes place to assess its ethical compliance.

Ethical Trading

We ensure that our relevant staff members are fully aware of the Code of Practice at Appendix 1 and that any notification of non-compliance is highlighted for action./

Code of Practice

It is our policy that our suppliers must comply with the following ethical standards as listed in Appendix 1 – Code of Practice.