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Gypsy Moth "Jason" Amy Johnson Limited Edition 75

Gypsy Moth

Gypsy Moth "Jason"  Amy Johnson Limited  Edition 75Gypsy Moth "Jason"  Amy Johnson Limited  Edition 75Gypsy Moth "Jason"  Amy Johnson Limited  Edition 75Gypsy Moth "Jason"  Amy Johnson Limited  Edition 75

Ref: BDLE001

dH.60G Gipsy Moth
Amy Johnson, CBE (1st July 1903-5th January 1941) was a pioneering British aviatrix. The first female pilot to fly from Britain to Australia alone, the first pilot to fly from London to Moscow in one day. She set many speed records in 1932 Johnson set the solo record for the flight between London and Cape Town, her and her husband set the record for the fastest flight to India and finally again in 1938 regained her record flight from Britain to South Africa.
She was an inspiration, adventurer and explorer who tested not only the capabilities of the planes she flew but also of human capabilities. On the 5th of January 1941, she was declared dead after bailing out of her Airspeed Oxford while flying or the Air Transport Auxiliary. Her body, however, was never found and much controversy from claims of secret government mission, espionage or friendly fire or that Infact she never died at all but ran away, we will never know.
75years on the mystery still surrounds her death and respect around her life. We at Bravo Delta models wish to commemorate her life by this limited edition 1/30 scale model of G-AAAH, 'Jason', Amy Johnson's first plane and the one in which she flew from London to Darwin setting of on the 5th of May and after travelling 11,000 miles landing on the 24th.
Edition limited to 75 certificated.

Price: 199.00 / $256.71 (Including VAT at 20%)

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